Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


From Steel Crate Games comes a fun, couch co-op, bomb defusal game that gets people interacting with each other (for a nice change). KTNE is like your favourite family board game, complete with the cliche trailer presented like a retro ad for Hungry Hippo – but in a mobile title. The player with the mobile game in hand is the lucky person who has to follow directions from the party (bomb experts) who’s shouting instructions from a paper manual. The experts can’t see the bomb so they have to work together to get it defused before it’s too late.

The bomb puzzles are procedurally generated so there’s a different bomb each time. Missions get increasingly difficult and you can unlock a free play mode to design your own bombs. There’s even a VR option. It’s a prolific title with over 10 platform releases including: PC, mobile, console, VR and mobile VR. It’s won numerous awards from 2014-2016 and is available now.

Grab it on iOS and Android here.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes website




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